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Our program is designed to help students identify potential warning signs of disordered eating within themselves, as well as educating students on the physical and mental health effects of disordered eating and eating disorders. We also focus on providing students with information regarding common health & weight myths within the diet industry, and how the diet industry may be manipulating their lives. We strive to open the eyes of students, revealing to them a world of self acceptance and peace around food. Our goal is to help prevent any students that may be at risk for developing an eating disorder from falling into the world of disordered eating.


- A brief background of our own battles with eating disorders and disordered eating 
- Statistics regarding how common eating disorders really are
- Misconceptions and stereotypes of eating disorders 
- Health & weight myths 
- What is disordered eating and do I have disordered eating habits?
- The dangerous world of diet culture 
- Intuative eating and freedom with food
- Body acceptance and love
- Preventing the development of eating disorders

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