Two Recovering Individuals

Katin Sarner and Annabella Youmazzo are both in recovery from their own eating disorders. They met in residential treatment, admitting their treatment center only one day apart. Although they are still in recovery and fighting every day, they are dedicated to bringing awareness to eatings disorders, disordered eating, and the harmful effects of diet culture.


Katin Sarner is a 17-year-old high school student from Rancho Palos Verdes, California. At age 14, Katin developed Anorexia Nervosa. After a magnitude of hospital stays and treatment center admissions, Katin discharged treatment with the tools to create a healthy relationship with food and her body. Katin is currently in recovery, and knows that full recovery is in her future. Katin is a published writer whose work has won multiple awards and will be appearing in Pear Shaped Press' "A Teenager's Guide to Feminism," The Hellebore's 2021 Teen/Young Adult Anthology, HerStry, and Harper Palate's next volume. In addition to her passion for writing, Katin is a classical singer- most recently having preformed at Carnegie Hall, proud bibliophile, and mother to her adorable pup, Summit.


Annabella Youmazzo is a high school student from Santa Clarita, California. 17-year-old Bella was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa at the age of 14. After months on end away from home at various treatment centers, Bella eventually developed a strong sense of hope and determination, finally discharging her last treatment center. Bella is still in recovery from her eating disorder, however, her strength proves that full recovery will come. Bella plans to become a criminal psychologist in the future.


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